Jumat, 15 Juni 2012


"Bear, are you there?"
 "It's like my mouth is shut by the thousand sinful words.."
 "I am not going to live forever, but I can stay here a little longer for you.."
"I have deliberately tried to kill myself, slowly.."
"I am really sorry.."
"Thou, I have to force my lips to sway gently to show you something.."

"I love you.."
"I love you, Bear.."
"I do, and I always will."
"Please be joyful, aside your sorrow."
"I will watch you up there, stay forever in far away land above the gray sky"
"Etch my words.."
"You, the grandest joy of stranger who melts the ice on me.."
"Beautiful carved artwork by God.."
"My beautiful dilemma.."
"The twist in my wounded story.."
"I love you, dear."


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