Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

Something Special

The huge bizarre storm sky has been haunting, I was in despair. 
I fell like a paralyzed human, walking wreckage.
As I told Bear that I might be gone soon.

"Don't go, the red thread of lives has been bounded to yours"
"We will be together, someday"
"Not very long..please wait patiently"
"Because I love you"
"Please.. do it for me.."
Those unwritten letters of his soul were scattering by the glide of his glance.
The eyes drew the deepest buried paragraph.
Bear might said lies, but his eyes always said the truth.
And he was not lying, he could not spit lies towards my wounded figure.

I took a space, and sat alone.
Shut in silence.
"I.. I love you too.."
My eyes were glittering, and the diamonds were rolling down.

He stole the space, and sat next to me.
He held my hands, and breathe.
His lips were moving, trying to spill a tale.
"Last night, I had a dream"
"Special Dream.."
"I saw you and I, in white.."
"We were in the holy matrimony.."
"We were married"
"Those special dress was beautiful on you"
"Can you wait for that day?"
"I know we will make it through"

Those were not words, but those were the foresee.
The grandest foresee I have ever heard.
Those special words has blew the storm away.
I will live longer, and I am waiting for the day.
The day when I am not talking in tears.
Because.. I love him

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