Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

C2O Library

In this early saturday morning, let me take you into a magical place in Surabaya. 
What is it? Library? 
Not just a library, this is magical library !


Jalan Doktor Cipto 20, Surabaya, Indonesia 60264
(031) 77525216 - @c2o_library

Established in mid-2008, C2O is a small public library and creative space located in the heart of Surabaya, with a small but growing collection of fine & selected books (fiction & non-fiction) and audio-visual items. Currently we house more than 4000 books in English and Indonesian focusing on literature, history, and the arts, various comics & graphic novels and more than 900 rare and classic films in the history of cinema along with its literature.


C2O library was founded in 2008 by Kathleen Azali. She is a superwoman~
Back to her library, unlike any library in Surabaya, C2O Library is painted in bright and warm colors! The atmosphere is not like ordinary boring library, but dynamic cheerful library :D

Okay now, let's get in~

From the outside, we may not see the sign or board of
C2O Library, but when we take a look we can see cute accessories hanging on the front door. Inside of the library we see a lot of books (of course~), but the books are awesome! The knowledge here is overwhelming. There are lot of book's genre in this lovely library. Books here are varies, design,history, philosophy, literature, story books, magazines, comics, even food magazine :D

Books are arranged in alphabets, by the date, and also type. We can see rare books, foreign publisher, very old books, etc. Once, I saw a book published in 1914, and it was in a very good shape XD

See see? How lovely this place could be..

Not only books, but this library has a huge collection of foreign indie movies.
After books, movies, C2O Library also open for private events, and awesome events!
Why did I say private event? Because you can arrange your own event for public in this library, such as exhbition, screening, etc. 

C2o also has tea collection, delicious teas~
So yeah, great books and great teas! What do you can ask more to be high culture enough :D

Amazing library eh? :3
This is a great public space, you can meet people, you can do assignment, you can read books, you can watch movie, and have fun :D I never seen such a place like this lovely library before, and when I found this place, I was like "OMG, this place is so cuteee!!!" 
Yeah, I am so obsessive with everything tagged with cute :3

After all, C2O Library is always been a magical place in this concrete jungle of Surabaya. C2O Library is offering us more than just knowledge, but also great atmosphere. A place to relax, a place to share, and a place to have fun. 

Thankies! :)

photographer : Adrea Kristatiani
Nikon d3100 - lens kit

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