Rabu, 15 Oktober 2014

The Monotint Aerodome: Sepinggan International Airport


"The mono-tint dome drives people embarks their paces into newfound lands. They kept their memories in brown vintage luggage or old faded backpacks. They put the baggage onto aluminum trolleys, and stroll with it across the dome.

Some people strut, some people conceal, and some of them dashing panicky.There are plentiful emotions overwhelms on their faces in the dome, melancholy, joy, or obscured perplexion. All of the essences are united for one destination pasted on the wings of airship.

This place is where the busy noises flinging in the air. The voices of hasten conversation on the counter, then followed by the monotonous noise trolley gliding, and the alarmed call from the reception about today's flight. Those are usual sounds spreading on the surrounding. But, there is something different with this airport...

These shade black shadows are looking on something beyond their eye sights. Rather than looking at a physical object, their eyes looks further than the line of the horizon. Maybe they are looking at each other, or maybe they are looking at hollowness. There are wrinkles anywhere on their faces, like those sad wrinkles on the corner of the left eye. But their backs are presenting the atmosphere of solitude. Perchance, grown ups like to live in their own sometimes.

Some people enjoy their solitude, but some people enjoy companion. They travel here with their friends and families. They stroll together with a joy in their faces. These groups of people spend their time with conversing. They speak from a to z, they sure talk about many things even the smallest things in life.

The relationship between people to other people is apparent. But how with the shadow? People are walking with their shadows, not knowing about the tale of the black shade under our feet. Are they happy enough to follow us coming through the path we choose? They have been coming as far as our paces, but they stand silence. In my imagination, they are lingering between us, whispering to us could be a bad things or good things in life. This aerodome let my mind wanders around between the border of human and the reflection.

In this place, Sepinggan International Airport you will feel something different. This gracious silky white building is adapting acoustic architecture. You can learn more about acoustic architecture here. Inside of the grand building you will some huge terrarium, the song of the little forest. Obviously, this place will make you dwells into peacefulness, beside of the rushing time of the airport's activity. 

This silky white building will be missed soon. In fact, I have a love-hate relationship with an airport. The idea of departing into new places sicks me, but excites me at the same time. 

Sepinggan International Airport
Jalan Marsma. R. Iswahyudi, 
Kota Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur 76115, Indonesia

photo by Adrea Kristatiani

Kamis, 24 Juli 2014

Beautiful Getaway: Warkop Troya

Every three to six p.m. everyday, the citizen of Surabaya always knows how bad the traffic is. Hundreds of vehicles aligns around the road. The city noises mostly formed by the whistles from any of the road user.  What could be the best imagination to have while we are stranded among the rush hour traffic?


For me, I always wonder it might be great to sit around the greens while sipping hot vanilla tea, and munching snacks. Nature never fails to relax my mind, and foods never fails to upgrade my mood. So both of them are good combination for a happy day. Fortunately, there is a place like that in Surabaya! Yay!

The beautiful getaway during the rush hour in Surabaya is Warkop Troya. Some of you may know the abbreviation of Warkop is Warung Kopi or Coffee Shop. There are many Warkop in Surabaya, but there will be only one Warkop like this. :D

The first impression of coming into this fancy coffee shop is open space with plants around us. So there is no air conditioner, just a coffee shop with a real fresh air. Plants are hanging here and there, they even has special table with cactus and flowers inside the table glass. On the corner of the coffee shop, there is a big tree with the chalkboard is hanging on the old tree, it is big enough to shade half of the place. You know how hot Surabaya could be in the noon time, and voila ~ This big tree may help you to breath and cool the temperature around here. This peaceful and verdant place makes us to release the stress and just swapping the hard time in life with an enchanted cup of coffee and biscuit.

Under the tree, there is a woody cottage where the rangers work. Rangers refer to the Troya people. They cook, serve, and even better they are very friendly, and cheerful. There is a huge opportunity for you to make new friends here. What could've been better? Great atmosphere, and great people, right? And oh, I almost forget about the meal and beverage here...

So, Troya offers you an Indonesian Coffee. They have major collection of Indonesian Coffee from west to the east, such as Aceh, Bali, and etc. Each of the coffee bears different aroma and taste. Beside that, this Warkop gives you freedom on choosing how would you like your coffee served and also how much sugar do you prefer. There are three kinds of serving, ice coffee, hot coffee, or brewed coffee. They will give you a glass of coffee, a piece of sweet bagel, and also a small sugar jar. 

Here is the funny thing. Since, my stomach is not a big fan of coffee, I order another beverages. So, for can'tdrinkcoffee people like me, Troya offers you chocolate drinks, milk and tea. I really like the way they serve the milk in cute glass jar with a straw. Troya has a distinctive glassware collection, the coffee cup that swirls, the small glass teapot, and a glass where you could detach it with the handle. 
Well, I'm just a big fan of fancy and quirky glassware, so don't mind me.

Well then, move on to the meal. Troya serves the customer with light meal, for example Nasi Ketan, Roti Bakar, Roti Karamel, Roti Celup, and Fried Noodle. Their variant of Roti or Flat Bread meals amaze me. I have never heard about those breads before, I used to ate them like sandwiches with hams, jam, or peanut butter jelly. Each of the recipe is original,so you should really need to try them all.

And Jjang ~ This is my favourite meals in Troya. The name of this meal is Roti Bakar. You will get two baked flat breads with an egg built in it. You can ask the Ranger to make the egg well done, or half cooked. I prefer half cooked because I'd like the taste of moisture egg yolk melting in my mouth. A sprinkle of chilli powder will make it tastier. All of them in couple bites are perfection. 
Here I am, hungry about this meal over and over...

 So, here I am in Troya. Definitely my new favourite place to getaway from this heavy world.
I was sitting beside the wall, enjoying my meals and drinking ice tea. From my bench and my munchies, I could see the faces of exhausted people outside lining on the road. It was 4 p.m. and the traffic was surely bad, but I made my choose to sit in this cozy place. I was having my tea-time snack in peace with the dozens vehicles queuing and shouting to each other outside this coffee shop.
This short break from the hectic city is priceless. After that, I had happy tummy, happy mind, and happy conversation here. You surely could imagine how relaxing it is. :)

Go and experience this by yourself!
Troya is located on Ketintang 201, Surabaya. This coffee shop maybe a bit hard to be found, but you could easily find the plank "Studio Lima" in front of the alley. Here are some ways to contact them.

Photo by Adrea Kristatiani

Minggu, 24 November 2013

The Lovey-Dovey

Uh oh, hello...
I can see spider webs hanging around my blog. I haven't been here for a long time. But, here I am right now :) No no no, I am not going to blabber why I am off for a while. I have no right intention to spit reasons away. My blog is always be my shelter for everything, and my readers are my lovely guests.


I always love art, and I can draw some stuff. Art is kind of relaxation for the tension everyday, typically works like Prozac.  Art is a part of human civilization, it grew along the culture and environment. Art is not only statue, paintings, but due to the sophisticated technology, art could transform into anything.  From the high value art as Monalisa to the tiniest wedding decoration are parts of art.

As for me, I love photography, literature, and doodles.  I draw many things. But, these days I draw certain stuff again and again. Yes, I draw couple, the same couple with a dark brown hair. They are lovey-dovey. I draw them in many occasion. They are expressing my deepest feeling that I cannot show to other. I always have this soft childish feeling that is so girly and I cannot handle it. They are honest, and love each other. Let me introduce you to them :D

We Have The Same Heart

Creature of Night

I draw them using canson paper, and watercolor.I have no basic art class formally, so pardon for some glitches. I feel, I love, and I imagine, that's how I draw :)

I guess everyone here can define the word art freely. Be artsy, dears! <3


I am thinking about open giveaway for chibi illustration for blogger fellow, it will also be sponsored with Illustration Cafe. What do you think? Yay or Nay?
Illustration Cafe is a creative shop where you can get loveliest greeting cards, photograph, and graphic design. You can also ask them for a cute blog header :D

Senin, 15 April 2013

Awesome April

Dear reader,

Hello, good evening :D
It's been a while right? I want to update my blog, but my internet connection is killing me. But yeah, this time I can post something to make my blog alive :3

So much love I receive this month that I want to share to you~

This month I have a lot of projects, such as photoshoots, greeting card order, and many more. One of them is craft-trading. Yeah, I really excited about this :D
So, I am doing craft-trading with Kelimutu from the blog of http://gartenparadise.blogspot.com/ :D
I decided to send her greeting card. I made a concept that inspired by her charity blog post so VOILA~
It turned out to be like this <3

Then, she gave me a UBER CUTE, notebook!!! Seriously, this is a very cute notebook! Love it so much <3


 And you can see the other greeting cards too! :D

There are some good news from my creative store!
Illustration Cafe is going to add some new product! It will be creative and cute at the same time. Are you prepared? :3

Do not hesitate to have any inquiry related to Illustration Cafe. 
Just reach me via Illustration Cafe :*
Thank you :D

my little sister <3

Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Marching March

Hello fellow bloggers :)

It's been a while, it's a very hectic month! My college is getting harder and raining assignments, my Illustration Cafe (a.k.a my online shop :p) is getting many orders, so I didn't have time to blog. But in this sacred holiday, I fill this holiday with pretty much productive things, especially blogging :D

By the way, talking about my online shop, it reaches 224 likes! :DD
I am so glad that people are starting to notice about this. This significant likes also bring more order, which a good thing for me. People are starting to know the important meaning of greeting card. Greeting card is meaningful, intimate, and also cute. By making custom greeting card for people, I listen to their story how meaningful the person is, their favourite, their hope, their story, and sometimes even their simple little things. These are making the greeting card more meaningful than the other present :)

I also make some new designs for the greeting card :D
I hope everyone is gonna like it.

By the way, this month Illustration Cafe join in SundayMarket at Sutos. I met new faces who were curious about these greeting card :D
Next month, I will join Cergamboree, a comic exhibition and workshop at IFI Surabaya. Beside, I am one of the artist of the exhibition, I am also going to bring Illustration Cafe with me there. So if you are in Surabaya, this is a very great event to attend :DD

Thanks for reading :*

Jumat, 15 Februari 2013

London Noon

Here I am again, posting this belated post blog from Bontang. I am currently having holiday.
 A full month of day off. This post will be short and quick, but still i hope you enjoy it :3


Hey hey, so last month i was having a couple of photoshoots. A crazy girls gank :D
They are lovely and loud! Two hours were just a little time for them. As you can see, the theme was supposed to be playful and colourful noon in Britain. I love the red telephone booth, they love them, who doesn't :D


Thanks for reading :D
I hope you enjoy it.

Pictures taken by Adrea Kristatiani a.k.a Me :D
Contact me at Illustration Cafe

Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

Deary December

December is the last month in the year.
Some people wish to end the year and start a new one.
Other people wish to stay at the same year, the same routine.
New year has been making me excited all the time.
But here, the exciting is gone. I don't celebrate it anymore.
I wish I could celebrate New Year's Eve, but I just cannot.
In my deepest heart, I am always welcoming the year.
2013, please be nice to all of us :)

Hiya guys, it's been a while :D
Christmas and New Year are closer now. Gotta prepare for all.
And also Happy Holiday too!

Here i am with Illustration Cafe going to explore the last couple days of the year with enjoying the day. We manage to make some gift cards and also birthday gift. Illustration Cafe has new face, by the way :3

Yaay, Domo-kun! I always addicted to this cute stuffed character :3
Check my page by clicking here, dear~

Okay, now get going to the first card...
Christmas Party

A child order this to me. He wanted to have a special christmas card for the class. When I think about christmas, I always pictured a big christmas tree with presents and socks around it. Also sparkling baubles, ribbons, and stars. Just very beautiful :D

The next are birthday cards, each cards represented different personality and favourite. Some girls love fashion so much. Craving for branded bags, and sunnies. But some girls are enjoying their life with video game and drawing :D

And the last is...
The special christmas card for a far country friend. He is from Germany :D
This is for you Tobias :)

So, i think that's all for now.
Always remember that a cards will bring the lovely atmosphere rather than emails or texts :3
Feel free to contact me if you want to order some. Illustration Cafe is doing greetings card, invitation, name card, and photo shoot. We are packs of illustration talent. We are photographer, graphic designer, and illustrator :D
 Thankies everyone~

I am looking forward for a luxurious photo hunting in January. 
I hope I can join it. Amen..

All photos taken by me, Adrea Kristatiani