Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Marching March

Hello fellow bloggers :)

It's been a while, it's a very hectic month! My college is getting harder and raining assignments, my Illustration Cafe (a.k.a my online shop :p) is getting many orders, so I didn't have time to blog. But in this sacred holiday, I fill this holiday with pretty much productive things, especially blogging :D

By the way, talking about my online shop, it reaches 224 likes! :DD
I am so glad that people are starting to notice about this. This significant likes also bring more order, which a good thing for me. People are starting to know the important meaning of greeting card. Greeting card is meaningful, intimate, and also cute. By making custom greeting card for people, I listen to their story how meaningful the person is, their favourite, their hope, their story, and sometimes even their simple little things. These are making the greeting card more meaningful than the other present :)

I also make some new designs for the greeting card :D
I hope everyone is gonna like it.

By the way, this month Illustration Cafe join in SundayMarket at Sutos. I met new faces who were curious about these greeting card :D
Next month, I will join Cergamboree, a comic exhibition and workshop at IFI Surabaya. Beside, I am one of the artist of the exhibition, I am also going to bring Illustration Cafe with me there. So if you are in Surabaya, this is a very great event to attend :DD

Thanks for reading :*

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  1. Moi drodzy :) Uwielbiam Twojego bloga, jego niesamowite ... jestem po. Mam nadzieję, że można sprawdzić na mojej stronie: http://theproverbs.net i naśladowania. Również na bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter i tumblr, jeśli chcesz: D <3

    NEW POST się, masz to sprawdzić :)


  2. Hey! I just receive your package today. Thank you sooooo much! It's beyond cute. the BEST greeting card I've ever receive so far. <3


  3. The card is quite cute! Nice blog anyway. Mind to follow each other?=)

    Eka Theresia♥