Rabu, 15 Oktober 2014

The Monotint Aerodome: Sepinggan International Airport


"The mono-tint dome drives people embarks their paces into newfound lands. They kept their memories in brown vintage luggage or old faded backpacks. They put the baggage onto aluminum trolleys, and stroll with it across the dome.

Some people strut, some people conceal, and some of them dashing panicky.There are plentiful emotions overwhelms on their faces in the dome, melancholy, joy, or obscured perplexion. All of the essences are united for one destination pasted on the wings of airship.

This place is where the busy noises flinging in the air. The voices of hasten conversation on the counter, then followed by the monotonous noise trolley gliding, and the alarmed call from the reception about today's flight. Those are usual sounds spreading on the surrounding. But, there is something different with this airport...

These shade black shadows are looking on something beyond their eye sights. Rather than looking at a physical object, their eyes looks further than the line of the horizon. Maybe they are looking at each other, or maybe they are looking at hollowness. There are wrinkles anywhere on their faces, like those sad wrinkles on the corner of the left eye. But their backs are presenting the atmosphere of solitude. Perchance, grown ups like to live in their own sometimes.

Some people enjoy their solitude, but some people enjoy companion. They travel here with their friends and families. They stroll together with a joy in their faces. These groups of people spend their time with conversing. They speak from a to z, they sure talk about many things even the smallest things in life.

The relationship between people to other people is apparent. But how with the shadow? People are walking with their shadows, not knowing about the tale of the black shade under our feet. Are they happy enough to follow us coming through the path we choose? They have been coming as far as our paces, but they stand silence. In my imagination, they are lingering between us, whispering to us could be a bad things or good things in life. This aerodome let my mind wanders around between the border of human and the reflection.

In this place, Sepinggan International Airport you will feel something different. This gracious silky white building is adapting acoustic architecture. You can learn more about acoustic architecture here. Inside of the grand building you will some huge terrarium, the song of the little forest. Obviously, this place will make you dwells into peacefulness, beside of the rushing time of the airport's activity. 

This silky white building will be missed soon. In fact, I have a love-hate relationship with an airport. The idea of departing into new places sicks me, but excites me at the same time. 

Sepinggan International Airport
Jalan Marsma. R. Iswahyudi, 
Kota Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur 76115, Indonesia

photo by Adrea Kristatiani

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