Selasa, 20 Maret 2012


It has been the fifth time she shout at my face. She spitted words of hate straight to my face directly. I was trying to be chill and calm her down, but it made her mad even more. So I pulled her left hand, and sat beside her. The silence has finally kept her tame. I could not say a thing. My lips were shut, abstruse was dangling above my head, and my heart was beating fast. We sat alone on the park bench across the busy road ahead. The city noises were lost, there were only us fell deep down in sadness.

She said she had been hurt by my words, she was tortured by myself; the one she loved.

I tried to say ”I’m sorry..”, but it didn’t work. She said she was in chagrin, haunted herself by the disappointed motion.

She took her hand from mine. She made spaces in my fingers left lonely. The distance portrayed the empty picture of our heart. She looked down, she bend her legs and cried. My heart was broken at the moment her tears crushing down over my sneaker. I was numb, I felt powerless, and words were choking my throat. I was cold as glacier.

She stood and broke the blackout. She smiled with the stream on her face sparkling like a morning dew. She hugged me, and whispered, “Maybe this is the end?”. Her words were combustion inside my head. My knees were trembling, as I hugged her back tightly. I rest my head on her shoulder. Then she whispered, “I love you..”, her voice was sweet, sincere, but vague. The next thing I opened my eyes, she ran away into the crowd. 
She left me here, alone and puzzled.

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