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Beautiful Getaway: Warkop Troya

Every three to six p.m. everyday, the citizen of Surabaya always knows how bad the traffic is. Hundreds of vehicles aligns around the road. The city noises mostly formed by the whistles from any of the road user.  What could be the best imagination to have while we are stranded among the rush hour traffic?


For me, I always wonder it might be great to sit around the greens while sipping hot vanilla tea, and munching snacks. Nature never fails to relax my mind, and foods never fails to upgrade my mood. So both of them are good combination for a happy day. Fortunately, there is a place like that in Surabaya! Yay!

The beautiful getaway during the rush hour in Surabaya is Warkop Troya. Some of you may know the abbreviation of Warkop is Warung Kopi or Coffee Shop. There are many Warkop in Surabaya, but there will be only one Warkop like this. :D

The first impression of coming into this fancy coffee shop is open space with plants around us. So there is no air conditioner, just a coffee shop with a real fresh air. Plants are hanging here and there, they even has special table with cactus and flowers inside the table glass. On the corner of the coffee shop, there is a big tree with the chalkboard is hanging on the old tree, it is big enough to shade half of the place. You know how hot Surabaya could be in the noon time, and voila ~ This big tree may help you to breath and cool the temperature around here. This peaceful and verdant place makes us to release the stress and just swapping the hard time in life with an enchanted cup of coffee and biscuit.

Under the tree, there is a woody cottage where the rangers work. Rangers refer to the Troya people. They cook, serve, and even better they are very friendly, and cheerful. There is a huge opportunity for you to make new friends here. What could've been better? Great atmosphere, and great people, right? And oh, I almost forget about the meal and beverage here...

So, Troya offers you an Indonesian Coffee. They have major collection of Indonesian Coffee from west to the east, such as Aceh, Bali, and etc. Each of the coffee bears different aroma and taste. Beside that, this Warkop gives you freedom on choosing how would you like your coffee served and also how much sugar do you prefer. There are three kinds of serving, ice coffee, hot coffee, or brewed coffee. They will give you a glass of coffee, a piece of sweet bagel, and also a small sugar jar. 

Here is the funny thing. Since, my stomach is not a big fan of coffee, I order another beverages. So, for can'tdrinkcoffee people like me, Troya offers you chocolate drinks, milk and tea. I really like the way they serve the milk in cute glass jar with a straw. Troya has a distinctive glassware collection, the coffee cup that swirls, the small glass teapot, and a glass where you could detach it with the handle. 
Well, I'm just a big fan of fancy and quirky glassware, so don't mind me.

Well then, move on to the meal. Troya serves the customer with light meal, for example Nasi Ketan, Roti Bakar, Roti Karamel, Roti Celup, and Fried Noodle. Their variant of Roti or Flat Bread meals amaze me. I have never heard about those breads before, I used to ate them like sandwiches with hams, jam, or peanut butter jelly. Each of the recipe is original,so you should really need to try them all.

And Jjang ~ This is my favourite meals in Troya. The name of this meal is Roti Bakar. You will get two baked flat breads with an egg built in it. You can ask the Ranger to make the egg well done, or half cooked. I prefer half cooked because I'd like the taste of moisture egg yolk melting in my mouth. A sprinkle of chilli powder will make it tastier. All of them in couple bites are perfection. 
Here I am, hungry about this meal over and over...

 So, here I am in Troya. Definitely my new favourite place to getaway from this heavy world.
I was sitting beside the wall, enjoying my meals and drinking ice tea. From my bench and my munchies, I could see the faces of exhausted people outside lining on the road. It was 4 p.m. and the traffic was surely bad, but I made my choose to sit in this cozy place. I was having my tea-time snack in peace with the dozens vehicles queuing and shouting to each other outside this coffee shop.
This short break from the hectic city is priceless. After that, I had happy tummy, happy mind, and happy conversation here. You surely could imagine how relaxing it is. :)

Go and experience this by yourself!
Troya is located on Ketintang 201, Surabaya. This coffee shop maybe a bit hard to be found, but you could easily find the plank "Studio Lima" in front of the alley. Here are some ways to contact them.

Photo by Adrea Kristatiani

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