Kamis, 29 November 2012

Summer Solitude

Summer Solitude

"Human a social person, which means human is able to be alive by the help of other human. But sometimes, the thing that we need is a solitary moment. The bubble space we keep blowing to create gap between each other step without hurting each other. "

I am sitting by the harbor bridge, sipping the air of loneliness by the time the sun over my eyes. The sun dress is blown by the breeze yet the loneliness is never go away. People strangles their ego and pride, they are dangling over their neck with a bling bling in glittering mocker. While me, sitting alone at the nearest harbor in my city.

People will not understand the way i am thinking. The feeling of overwhelming joy i feel at the time the birds fly, the wave dances, and the breeze sings. They may think I am unique, but yeah, I am who i am.

I wander by the wooden bridge above the sea. The soft delicate feelings when the wood touches my barefoot is a sweet moment. Mostly, many women spend their time with the heels on their feet. A pair of glamour shining high heels. They will not know the feeling of being barefoot. The freedom of life. I see every one of them cynical, but the smile cling on my face.

The sun kisses my skin. The wave is waving sweetly at me.
This is how summer should be. Not being bother with the gray gloomy sky.

Smile. Smile. Smile sincerely :)

It's victory! Peace to everyone :D


This photoshoot was awesome! The talent is my friend, Shinta Anggityas.
Her very lovely personality and behaviour has taken us to beautiful photographs.
Thank you all :D
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  1. seaside is always good to be location of photoshoot. keep up the good work! :)

  2. ini kamu yg moto2 kah de'?
    tambah sip ae arek iki.. wkwkwk

    main2 ksini jg ye..

    1. amin2..
      libur akhir tahun gak pulkam ke bontang itu?

  3. wow lovely photos!


  4. Senyuman tanpa beban, hehe

    mampir juga ya ke

  5. beautiful photos!!

    maybe you would like to follow each other ? just let me know !!