Kamis, 15 November 2012

Illustration Cafe : Ahoy Greetings Card

Hello guys!
Happy holiday, it's gonna be a long weekend for us (in Indonesia i mean :D )

Surely, last month is a very berry busy month! It's even hard for me to take a breath...
So many projects and events to attend. But I'm glad those were over.
I have told you about Sunday Market : Hippieland, right? It was such a grand event! I will post about sunday market later~

Now, I want to show you about my clients orders on greetings card. They have been keeping me happy and busy at the same time :D
I got a lot greetings card order, but I'll show you some of them with a background story of their greetings card xD

Mama Rose
 This is made for a lovely family to the mother. Their mom likes roses. 
That's why the greetings card is spoiled with red rose.
I made like a little rose field at the scrapbook page, and yeah she really likes it :D

The Boy

Yaay, he is a choir boy. He looks cute with a hair like tintin!

The Science Vintage
He is a boy in SHS. He dreams to be in science school. 
He also likes vintage stuff, the gramophone is one of the stuff xD

The Zombie Couple

Let me introduce you... the zombie boy was trying to express his eternal love for their eternal zombie relationship. The girl also loves him. Let us hope this relationship will be last immortal. 

The Tumblr Girl

Me gusta! Do any one of you recognize those silly internet faces? Yep, they are meme. Why were they there? Because the tumblr kiddo loves to reblog those funny meme xD

Okay folks! That's all for today :D
Hope you enjoy them~
If you are interested at my works and want to order, you can simply text me at +6285733 486 482.

13 komentar:

  1. wow you made cute cards! how long does it take you to finish a project?


    1. Thank you ^^
      for one card I can do it in 2 days, but the client should order 12 days before the day, because i got a lot of orders :D

  2. awww. wow! these are sooo cute! :""3
    do you have a shop? :))
    anyway, i hope can visit my blog too and follow :">


    1. thank youu XD
      i do have a shop,an online shop :3

      i already follow you,dear ^^

  3. nope, she is a fashion designer who owns a made-by-appointment couture line. not all, but mostly yes. Thank you kak. yahhh too bad kita ga bertemu:( next time deh:)

    check out my latest-two outfit post "BAD BOY BROMANCE"
    THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com

    1. anyways, cardnya so cute benjetssss, you are so talented kak <3

    2. wawawaw very cool! you have a cool mama xD
      so very thank you, reinhardt~ <3

      yap! eh, btw i'm gonna have project for my art shop.
      bisa ngobrolin lewat email? :D

  4. aa
    you are so creative
    they are all looks cute :D
    all of them are my favs :D

  5. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  6. cute packaging! you're very talented and creative! i love all your works :)