Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

We Have Blisters

Dear God,

You ain't make me out of titanium
I am fragile, with feelings
Feelings that make me more fragile
I am a wreckage that simply blew out by the storm
Some parts are rusting, some parts are broken
The existence of vague living
I am living in an endless loathing life
They say I am fine, but they are not me

I used to be happy
He used to be happy
We could have been happier
We could be together
Living the life without shades
However... we are hurt and lost
We are unconscious
We are fairytale, perhaps?

Please fix me, fix us
You know i am broken,and he is broken
Please, I beg You everyday in my pray
Please give me signs, give us signs
Tell us
Soon, perhaps?


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