Kamis, 02 Agustus 2012

Blue Sky

The bluebird carries the sky on his back 

 Do you know something about sky?

The blue massive beautiful roof above us.
There is a mystery about the sky, yet human curiosity cannot endure the passion to explore the gigantic mass of the blue. But still, sky will not let us now, maybe not now, not tomorrow, or a thousand years more. In science we are nothing compared to the creation of the Lord.
In literature, sky is an allegory points at the freedom. The symbol of freedom etched towards many literatures in many era. The blue wide extravagant runway from this horrible horror show on the earth. The place where we can be free to fly away unshackle with the bad feeling. Sky is like a place to shatter away the emptiness and the field of hope.

So here I am expressing my photographs inspired by the sky :)

Love is a free, love is colourful

A blue breakaway to the anthem of glory 

One love

Make your own rainbow, beautify your shade of grey sky :
Photography and Property by Adrea Kristatiani
 Camera : Digital Camera Canon IXUS 130 (RIP :'( )

They are in different tone, because i took them in different days. They were old stocks of my photograph. I am not doing any Still Life Photography because of my broken camera :(
Hope you like it!

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