Minggu, 01 Juli 2012

Little Tale

Once upon a time 
Somewhere under the blue painted sky over the earthy ground
There was a little lady with a sad curve smile
She was wondering alone through the alveolate existence
Once she got weary, then she sat on a big rock behind the blue shade
All of the perpetual sadness tantalizing in her mind
She was about to give up
Until then, someone came
Someone with a gentle foot step
He was a man, he ain't prince
But he followed the red thread that tied around his little finger
He found the other end which was tied around the little lady
The two of them met each other with a smile
The most sincere smile etched on their faces
 That's the end of the man's journey
That's the end of the little lady's waiting
They sat down together, watching the blue sky and the rainbow curving
They held hands, and let the prayer flied to the sky
To be forever in happy ever after

: )

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