Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012


Life is so full of impeccable wondrous stages
Human born with a dangling thread of their own
Meanwhile, the thread will tangent to each other's life
Yet, the 'red' threat will mend to the very one's
Unfortunately, sometimes the 'red' thread will tangle upon of bizarre omen
Moreover the society will label you into something disgraceful
No one accept you, your imperfect story
You are alone, grieving on your own
Abandoned, in beautiful misconcept misery

Hence I am here to say
God makes our life into a very incongruous personal
A very step God's makes is in the decision of the Maker
God send us questions to answer while we are alive
It may be odd, unnecessary, or doleful
But God also created answer and silver lining
You are not wrong, you are just a little to far with the perfection in human's eye
Isn't it, God?

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