Jumat, 07 September 2012

Fancy - Fancy Invitation

Hello guys,
So the holiday has ended, and the work time is on. 
Just pump up your courage to get to your fullest condition :)

Today, I wanna post my latest work. I did invitation. An invitation for a gathering in my college. They wanna make with a low budget but looks luxurious. So, instantly, i was thinking of folds on white  paper with a touch of red glare ribbon. Then, I add the last touch, it was the badge of my department. So here they are..

Maybe it does not look like what I expected -__-
At least, close. The papers were hard to fold, I should have used the think and slick art paper. 
But oh well, HVS paper is cheap.

The badge looked great, steady and shiny :)
Then, the red ribbon is perfect, but the loops made it pretty hard to stick the badge. Eventually, the glue was bad, it dried in a long time. That's why it made the badge hard to stick at the right place.

I made about 50 invitations in a day (helped by a friend of course ^^ ).
Thank God they were done in the right time :D
I love the whole look, they look nice and cute :)

If you have a favor to contact me for designing invitation or anything ( i design pretty much everything for now ^^) just email me at adrkrist@gmail.com

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    1. thanks :)
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