Minggu, 26 Agustus 2012



Some people said, love starts on the very first of sight a.k.a love at first sight
The other said, love starts because of the daily matters
A few people also said that love is a story of fate
And more people nowadays tend to say that love is nothing, it's just a feeling, the simplest form of human existence.
 While God teaches us to love each other, not to spread hatred towards the other.

To me, love is something that will make your adrenaline pumps faster, your knees shakes, and butterflies in your stomach. It is an awkward funny warm feeling that scatter over us. I was thinking that it was one of the best thing in my life, until I finally realize that my life ain't fairytale. Yes, I have to struggle over hard times, until now. In my definition, in my current state of life, i would say love is a fate. A fate you have to struggle, you cannot end or run away from it. Irony, my love life is full of irony.

How about you? I hope, love is a pleasant feeling for you all :)

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